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Weaning Bibs – which is best?

Are you about to go through the weaning stage with your little monkey?  If so, then I bet you’re wondering which weaning bibs are the best.  Well I have the perfect solution for you.

I have tried a variety of bibs from a bunch of companies with mixed results.  The key weaning bib features for me were to cover as much clothing as possible, washable and tumble dry friendly and not too heavy on the pocket.

I didn’t mind the weaning bibs I had but most weren’t tumble dryer friendly as the plastic waterproof backing would crack and rip.  Then I was introduced to a company called Silly Billyz.  Silly Billyz was created by a New Zealand Mum who couldn’t find a bib good enough for her reflux baby so she created a range for herself.  Recently Silly Billyz recently hit the UK, they have some amazing products from towels to playmats but today I want to talk to you about their bibs.

Weaning bibs - Silly Billyz long sleevedThe long-sleeved bib is perfect for those who are just starting out on purees/baby led weaning or if you’re at the stage I’m currently at giving your child a spoon to feed themselves.  I’m sure you’ll agree things can get pretty messy so you need a weaning bib to protect their clothes.  The long-sleeved bib is just perfect for this – what I love about it is the material, it’s so soft and the food washes off it so easily meaning you can use it later in the day.  I also like the way it fastens with a popper at the back rather than Velcro so they can’t pull it off (but don’t catch your son or daughters neck in it like I did – oops). It’s also tumble dryer friendly so there is no backing plastic melting – trust me, I’ve tried it!!  It’s a fantastic all-rounder bib.

Silly Billyz also has another long-sleeved bib for those particularly messy eaters.  It’s called…wait for it…the ‘Messy Weaning Bib - Sillly Billyz Messy Eater BibsEater’ bib.  It’s the same as the original long-sleeved bib but it’s longer so it covers their trousers down to their knees.  It also has a drawsting to tie around the back to keep it in place.  A great weaning bib and it also doubles up as a great arts and crafts bib for when they’re a little older.

If you’re not looking for a long-sleeved bib and one you can pop on when you’re out and about or snack times then I can recommend the Silly Billyz Large Bib range.

Weaning Bibs - Silly Billyz Organic bib


The Organic large bib is a good all-rounder.  What I love about it is the softness of the material and the fact it’s stain resistant.  It has double press stud closure meaning it will fit most babies as they grow.  Obviously you pay a little more for it being organic but the material is more durable so will last longer.Weaning Bibs - Silly Billyz Plain Large Bib



However, the Jersey Large Bib is just as good if you’re after something a little lighter on the purse.  The Jersey Large Bib also has lots of lovely designs.




Weaning Bibs - Silly Billyz Pocket Bib

And lastly the ‘Pocket Bib’; as its name says it’s a bib with a pocket.  It has all the features of the large bibs but with a pocket attached to the front.  Great for snack times so it catches all those little crumbs… it really does work, I always think my son has eaten a lot until I take the bib off and notice half the food in the pocket….saves my floor too.

So there you have it – if you’re looking for a weaning bib then Silly Billyz is the must go to brand.  To take a look at the Silly Billyz full range of bibs head on over to http://www.bpmchildcare.co.uk/bibs/.

Happy weaning!!



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