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The Story Behind the Personalised Cuff Bracelet

So it all started when I created the I Love You to the Moon & Back keyring.  I received a great response so I wondered what other phrases I could use on my jewellery that people could relate to.

Rather than guessing what my customers wanted I thought I’d ask, so I ran a competition.  All you needed to do was send me your most favourite quote and the best one would win a piece of hand stamped jewellery including their special message.

I needed to decide what I was going to add the message to, a bracelet perhaps because the message might be quite long.  I remembered I had made a chunky hammered cuff in my silversmithing classes; this would be perfect for the project.  It would need to be a slimmer version otherwise the words would become lost.

Some of the entries I received included quotes such as ‘Love you…Love you more’, ‘You light up my world’ and ‘Love you endlessly til the 8th of never.’

However, the winning message for me was Mel’s message ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’.

The Personalised Cuff Bracelet in the making:

Personalised Cuff Bracelet



The story behind the saying was that Mel’s daughter had lost her Dad and since then it has been their motto to say ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ to each other to get through the bad times.

A sad but touching story I’m sure you’ll agree.




…and here it is with the text darkened, shaped and sparkly.  To give it its sparkle I use a hammer to add lots of little dents to the bracelet which then catches the light and sparkles.

Personalised Cuff Bracelet

I heard back from my customer today, this is what she said:

Personalised Cuff Bracelet

‘Just to say the bracelet arrived today. I gave it to Ella and got the longest hug ever; she’s over the moon and said it’s the best!!!’  Ella keeps saying she loves it!  Thank you for making her year! ‘

I love a happy ending!

And finally, I’m currently offering the Personalised Cuff Bracelet at an Introduction price of £30 instead of £42 for a limited time only.  Just click on the image to be taken to the product or click here.





Take a quick peek at how the Personalised Cuff Bracelet is made.

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