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New year new you

This time of year most people are focusing on ‘new year new you‘ by setting themselves new year resolutions or a dry January (where people give up booze for the month). This year I’ve decided to choose a word that I can focus on throughout the year (what you say?). That word is Balance‘.new year new you - work life balance

Balance is my choice of word because over the last year my work life balance has been very much tilted towards work. I currently have a 17 month old so every moment my son sleeps I work or I am doing household chores, never really giving myself time out.

In order to get a better work life balance I have come up with a solution to continue with my business and earn myself a better quality of life.  Going forward I will be changing the way I release products, rather than releasing products as and when I make them I have decided to release my jewellery on a seasonal basis.  This means I will be creating and releasing product lines twice a year with perhaps one or two themed lines ie Christmas range.  By doing this it will gain me more time to develop some really strong products and when times are busy I will have my very faithful Jazz to help me out as her jewellery training is now complete.  This means I’ll be able to have more quality time to spend with my family and catch up on some much needed housework AND I will be able to incorporate some more ‘me time’ which I’m so desperate for. Wahoo, lets get the adult colouring books out (that would be more detailed pictures rather than a saucy picture hehe) and grab my trainers and get out into the big outdoors more.

What actions have you taken to become a better you for 2016?

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