Jewellery Care - Chasing Beads

Jewellery Care


Your Chasing Beads jewellery must be carefully handled and cleaned regularly to maintain its beautiful appearance and ensure its longevity.   


Sterling silver will tarnish over time, tarnishing is not a manufacturing fault.  This can be caused dependent on the skin and habits of the wearer.  Causes of silver jewellery to tarnish are perfume, moisturisers and other cosmetics so please ensure you remove your jewellery when cleaning, sleeping, showering and apply perfume etc before putting your jewellery on.

 Also, if you are working in the garden or doing any physical work it is advised you remove your jewellery as hot weather, bright sunlight and perspiration can also cause silver to tarnish. 

Silver is also susceptible to damage by chlorine and salt so do not wear whilst swimming in a pool or the sea.


Polishing Clothes

The best option for cleaning Chasing Beads jewellery is a polishing cloth.  The ones we sell on our website are ideal for cleaning silver, gold and brass.  Just simply rub over the jewellery to remove any tarnish and to give an extra shine – will also happily work on our stainless steel products too.

Cleaning with chemicals

 Unfortunately it is not ideal to clean Chasing Beads jewellery with a liquid silver cleaner due to the method I use to oxidise the lettering on my personalised pieces and it will remove the oxidisation in the lettering. 


When you are not wearing your Chasing Beads jewellery it should be stored in its original jewellery box that your piece was supplied in.  If you own multiple Chasing Beads jewellery and do not want to keep it in their boxes it is advisable to store the pieces separately in a plastic zip lock bags made of polythene.  You can also purchase anti-tarnish tabs, add them to the bag, zip up the bag and it will slow the process of tarnishing. 

Do not store your jewellery in the bathroom, near heating or on the windowsill as the humidity/air/light will tarnish your jewellery. 

Please note that any jewellery where the metal parts touch will cause the pieces to eventually scratch as silver is quite a soft metal.

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