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Have you heard about Handmade at Amazon?

Have you heard about Handmade at Amazon?  Amazon have just announced that they are creating a new store on Amazon.com for invited artists, designers and crafters to sell their unique, handcrafted goods to their hundreds of millions of customers worldwide.

Handmade at Amazon has been created so artisans like me can sell their handcrafted items in a special place to highlight handmade products.

I’ve been able to sell items on Amazon.com itself but it’s very confusing to set up and gets lost in all the factory produced items.

So a few weeks ago I applied to Handmade at Amazon in the hope to sell my products and become part of their launch.  I then had to play the waiting game to see if I’d been accepted or not.  I mean this would be a fantastic opportunity as I currently only focus on selling to the UK.  Selling on Amazon will put me in front of a whole new audience.

3 weeks later the wait was finally over!  Had I been accepted? Y-E-S!!

Handmade at Amazon

I finally received an email from Amazon inviting me to sell on their new platform, HOW EXCITING!  It’s early days and I’m still waiting to find out what the next step is but it’s certainly an exciting new step for Chasing Beads.  I’ll keep you updated as and when I hear more.

Bye for now ~ Suzanne

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